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Samsung Online Service Users Prize Drawing Rules

1. General Provisions
1.1. Name of the promotional offer: Prize Drawing among the Samsung Online Service Users, hereinafter – referred to as the Promotional Offer.
1.2. Promotional Offer Organizer:  Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia LLC
1.3. Frequency of the Promotional Offer: on monthly base
1.4. Area of the contest: RK
1.5. Only the RK citizens are allowed for participation in the Contest and the individuals holding the RK Permanent Resident Cards, who have reached the age of 18 (hereinafter referred to as the Participants).
1.6. The Contest Organizer’s employees, affiliates, family members and employees of other companies involved in organization and holding the Contest are not permitted to participate. Citizens of other states and stateless persons are not allowed too.
1.7. If any Participant does not match criteria of the Items 1.5, 1.6, or his/her actions would be treated as suspicious in using unfair methods to win the organizers are entitled to not consider such activities when summarizing the contest results.

2. Promotional Offer Conditions
2.1. To participate in the Contest a participant should use the Samsung Online Service by registering their application in accordance with the rules on the site:, and visit selected in the application service center to obtain the necessary assistance.
2.2. At the end of every month ten winners will be selected out of the Participants.( i.e. only customers who has fulfilled the above conditions)
2.3. Winners will be selected by random selection method with the help of random number generator.
2.4. The same person may be a winner only once.
2.5. Every winner gets a Certificate of Meloman chain for amount of five thousand tenge.
2.6. Prize drawing results will be announced during the first ten days of the month on the site: and on Samsung social network official pages:
2.7. Prizes are not subject to return, exchange and compensation in monetary equivalent.  In case of voluntary waive of any prize a winner of the Contest should provide a notarized application on waive of prize.
2.8. The Contest winners will be informed personally by e-mail.
2.9. To get a prize a winner should answer to a win letter within 2 weeks. In case of failure to answer within the specified period the organizer will be entitled to retain a prize.
2.10. If a winner lives in Almaty, he/she should take away a prize during one month from the date of win notification. If a receiver fails to appear within the period specified the organizer will be entitled to retain a prize.
2.11. If a winner lives beyond Almaty, the organizer is obliged to send a prize to a winner during one month from the date of answer to a win notification. The Organizer is not responsible for a prize not received through the reasons beyond the organizer’s control.
2.12. In case of return of the prize to the organizer due to impossibility to deliver a prize to a winner through the reasons beyond of the organizer’s control the latter is entitled to retain a prize.
2.13. From the date of getting a prize a winner should be responsible for all existing tax payments and other existing payments in accordance with the RK legislation. All disputes relating to this Contest should be regulated in accordance with the existing legislation of the RK.
2.14. From the date of getting a prize a winner should bear a responsibility for a risk of accident loss or damage solely.

3. Miscellaneous
3.1. All Contest participants by participating in the Contest, agree with the rules of Promotional Offer and should follow and fulfill them. In case if any Participant breaks the Contest rules or undertakes any fraud actions to get a prize the latter should be deprived of a right to get a prize.
3.2. The Contest results should be deemed as final and unreversable.
3.3. Organizer is entitled to change and amend the Rules without preliminary contest and notification of the Participants.
3.4. Organizer should not be responsible for Contest date change and any other amendments caused by the circumstances beyond the organizer’s control.